So here’s the thing. In December I’m quitting my job so I can spend time with my family and friends before I leave for military training for over 7 months. My problem is I will be broke and have no money to do anything in the mean time.

I guess my question is, does anyone buy homemade scarves any more? I’m willing to make and sell these if anyone is interested. They’re doubled for extra warmth (before the trim is put on you could stick your arm in it like a sleeve).

This one in particular is for sale as well, never worn out, around 7 feet long (not including the trim) and made from extremely soft baby yarn. These are also made in a nonsmoking environment.

I have no problem taking requests for certain brands of yarn, specific color and length and I can even alternate colors, customize the trim to your liking.
Depending on the length and brand depends on the price of each scarf but they would typically run about 35 dollars not including shipping, which would be apart of your bill in the end. I imagine only a 5 dollar charge or so.

I might even start making beanies too.

Just drop by my box if you have any questions for me. Thanks!